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25 December 2007 @ 09:50 pm
For our own reference ...  

Five and I are both more of a reactive sort than a proactive sort. Whereas most of the Doctors that came before him, and the ones after are more likely to start things, Five is more likely to finish them - and so am I, if I have a choice. We're both more than content to sit and watch things unfold, to unobtrusively immerse ourselves in a situation and enjoy ourselves. Neither of us are meddlers - there are far too many in the world without us (Five's opinion is that he's started more than enough trouble in the past, most days). However, sometimes things reach a point where you just have to pitch in and lend a hand. Sometimes you're the only one who really knows what to do, or the only one who can properly mediate a situation before it turns horribly sour. And sometimes, everyone seems to want you to put your two cents in and tell them what to do, when you'd rather do anything but. When those sorts of things arise, and you're in the thick of it, the best thing to do is keep your patience high and your voice low, and remember your manners. And when we -are- needed, we roll up our sleeves and get the job done as best we can, in earnest, without whingeing (well, mostly...) . We're also both the sort who think that manners are far too important, and that not nearly enough people use them anymore. Five is a little more extreme than I am, sometimes, though ... I'm not quite the sort to excuse myself before running for my life. ;D
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